Monday, February 27, 2012

let me start by saying, thank you. thank you to everyone who helped plan, sponsor, advertise, or attended our first event! the best part of the meet 'n greet was hands-down connecting face to face and creating real relationships with people. i connected with so many in brief spurts, but now when i receive comments from these friends on my blog or our paths cross again, you will now be a familiar face. the ground work is set.

shelby and i have a vision. we have a vision of what we want the "utah bloggers" site to be, and what we want it to convey. first and foremost: community. a place that includes bloggers, readers, shops, and buyers all wrapped up in one. a community that is capable of collaborating, sharing ideas, supporting one another, and conquering together.

surround yourself with people who believe in you. and so it began, last wednesday ---

the meet 'n greet was held at soel, shelby's savvy boutique -

 KSL Studio 5 was a generous, supportive sponsor. they set-up a tent out front and held their own giveaways all evening. plus, interviewed some of the bloggers for segments on studio 5. you can see my brown paper krafts + the cute soel doily's featured here.

susan via freshly picked is showing-off the cookies alison made! some amazing utah pride sugar cookies...

shelby, moi, and becky kimball - our fabulous photographer.

nicole from elsa bags was our yarn ball guru. i loved that she was sharing one of her craft skills with the little mister hanging out in his high chair right next to her. you can find more of her homemade goodies here.

annie set-up the photo booth backdrop for us, have you seen her sweatshop goods?

our talented graphics gal, heather from milk glass and honey + KSL's Brooke Walker, co-host of studio 5.

caroline of armelle blog worked the crowd like a pro - our moms even connected before the night was over!


stephanie from gatehouse no. 1 represented the interior design bloggers, if you haven't been to her store on state street in Orem, you need to stop by soon!

merrilee was in attendance with her stylin' geeky glasses - check her out over at mer mag.

shelley from the house of smith's put her d*i*y + home makeover projects on hold to stop by!

our lovely sponsors: 

the giveaways were a highlight of the event, we had over 50 winners! 

 my husband + heather's hubby were in charge of the giveaways. this was a huge job + they did so great --- we promise to find a megaphone or microphone before our next event! 

 the generous sponsors & companies that donated these items for the giveaways: 

  milk glass and honey - milk glass, honey + gift certificates for a new blog design. it's sure to be amazing! 
armelle blog - beautiful jewelry from her shop, she makes some of my favorite jewelry. 
freshly picked - 2 mouse pads, i am drooling over the gold
zupas - gift cards + recipes books {yum!} 
house of smith's - gift certificate + breadboard frame. so many fun things to choose from with that certificate! 
sycamores street press - dozens of her darling letterpress designs, eva was so generous - i think almost everyone went home with one of her prints! 
the alision show - goody box of sewing patterns + a feather pillow. her shop is incredible.
  annily green - a leather tote + a letterpress "i love this town" print. who won the tote? i'm so jealous. 
cotton & curls - two blouses. lucky winners - one-of-a-kind fashions
mer mag - a "Lovely Love My Family" print + a "LOVE IS SPOKEN HERE" pillow, these are favorites
heirloom catering - gift cards - some of the best food in utah county! enjoy!!! 
gatehouse no. 1 - spring home decor accessories + gift certificates, what a fun way to spruce up your homes for spring! 
fifth & hazel - gift wrapping paper - i could use this as wallpaper, check out her shop for more good design.
  collected - gift wrapping paper / gift tags - really bummed the host couldn't win! 
modern palm - a whoopie pie recipe book + Jack & Lulu gold emblem notecards. her shop is filled with tempting goods.

i would go click happy on those links. they are amazing products, many of which fill my home. 
plus, some of the best food around!

extra love and thank you's to persnickety prints for printing our water bottle labels, giveaway forms + the pack family photo.

a huge shout-out to soel boutique for the generous 20% discount during the event! 
{i took advantage of that!}

a complete success for our first event. keep your calendars open the end of June, we'll be getting together again m'dears! 
 Jane Rhodes 

 all photos were taken by becky kimball. if you are in need of family photos, senior pictures, a wedding photographer, or have a special event coming up - i would recommend becky. she's taken pictures of our family + events for me a dozen times, and they are always incredible.

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